The project Magic Ring : example of results

This is an example of results we obtained with data collected by the "Magic Ring". Furthermore, we want to explain to people that tracking each avatar is not what we are analyzing. We want to understand behaviors of avatars in space and time by examining thousands of thousands of data.

Movements in space and time by 19 avatars in SL & Open Sim during 8 days.

This visualization represents a sample of data we got with 19 avatars during 8 days. For this sample we collected 90,000 points (we get position every 5 seconds for each avatar).
We can know the islands they went and which day.In Second Life and Open Sim, an island is defined by a coordinate system i.e. X and Y coordinates are delineated between 0-255. The (0,0) point is the bottom-left corner. So, the scatterplot is defined by the same X and Y axis and what we see is like a picture of positions of avatars for all islands.
This visualization is made by Mondrian.

We don't speak about conclusions for now, but it's interesting to see that we have a concentration of people, during few days, in the center of the map. If we look on the bottom-left corner, we can see a concentration of points too. For this case, we know that's only one avatar who come each day at this place in the same island.

90 000 points which represent avatar's positions on a map (256*256)

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